Whack Your Boss 27 v1.4 Apk

The Official Whack Your Boss
Exclusively on Google Play - 27 WAYS
This is the game that started it all! Release your on-the-job tension without harming a soul!
Some ways to whack the boss are harder to find than others, but keep searching, you'll find them all!
We only use items that would be in a *real* cubicle.
No weapons, just real office supplies.

The creator, a former Simpsons Animator, Tom Winkler added NEW items to
this game so *you* have access to more ways to whack the boss then ever before!
With this game on your Android you will find that it brings you fast relief within minutes of playing it.

Created by Tom Winkler at doodie.com

Download Apk :

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How to install ?

  1. Download Apk & Install.
  2. Launch the Game.