3D Parallax Weather 1.7 Apk

3D Parallax Weather

ชื่อ : 3D Parallax Weather | 54.23฿

เวอร์ชัน : 1.7 | 12/08/2015

Android : 3.0+ | ขนาด : 7.3 MB

ประเภท : การกำหนดค่าส่วนบุคคล

The first and only app on Google Play that simulates real-world weather conditions with eye-catching multi-layered parallax effects! All packed in iOS 7 weather app like beautiful visualisations. There are no pre-prepared animations or downloaded images. Beautiful and realistic visualisations are generated in real-time using the latest OpenGL technology allowing for seamless daytime to nighttime transitions and fluid movement. The amount of rain or snow actually mirrors the current weather conditions: clouds will move according to the current wind speed; the position of the Sun is based on actual sunrise and sunset times and even the brightness and the colour of the sky is based on live data.

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