Beat maker II v1.2 APK

Beat maker II v1.2 APK

ชื่อ : Beat maker II | 84.27 ฿

เวอร์ชัน : 1.2 | เวอร์ชันอื่น

Android : 2.2+ | ขนาด : 7.45 MB

ประเภท : เพลงและเสียง

Create professional drum beats with Beat Maker II. Apply effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor, bit crusher), attack, decay, volumes, grooves. Export wave files to share or to load in your favourite digital audio workstation. Great to work out an idea on the go! This app is a must-have if you like desktop software like Fruity Loops. Have fun and be creative!

- Effects (modulation, delay, reverb, eq, compressor, bit crusher)
- Attack / Decay (with grapical representation)
- Volume control for each note
- Swing
- Song mode (play patterns in a sequence)
- Apply grooves
- Load any wave file from your phone
- Export to wave files
- 9 patterns
- Auto save
- Record samples from phones microphone
- Perfect timing

- Copy / paste patterns

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