Pixelmon Hunter 1.0.1 APK

Pixelmon Hunter 1.0.1.APK

ชื่อ Game : Pixelmon Hunter

เวอร์ชัน : 1.0.1

ขนาด : 89.25 MB

ประเภท : ออฟไลน์,RPG

ราคา : 32.00 บาท

Play store : com.monster.pix

Welcome to the pocket universe of Pixelmon Hunter! You’re about to discover beautiful world where the five elements collide.
Choose your monster, get the weapon and join the battle! Who knows - maybe you’re fated to become the Lord of the Pixelmons?
Feel the power of the Great Elements!
Every element in this block world controls its own arenas, weapons and monsters types! Learn how to take the control over each element to invent your individual battle tactics. Try to get all of pixel mon types: fire, water, electric, stone and others. Improve your survivalcraft in different arenas! Choose your sword or even gun and start youк battle in pixel 3D world!

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