JModder : GTA III Edition 1.2 APK

JModder : GTA III Edition 1.2 APK

ชื่อ App : JModder : GTA 3 Edition

(GTA III Modder)

เวอร์ชัน : 1.2

ขนาด : 744 KB

ประเภท : Mod game

ราคา : 32.03 บาท

Play store : com.jdroid.gta3modder

Please note: This is an unofficial third party application designed to allow users of the GTA III game for android to modify the stats of weapons and vehicles. The game is not included.
Makes the game even more fun.

*** Any issue contact us via email and we will fix the problem for you. If the issue cant be fixed we will refund you ***

Simple to use:
1. Open the app.
2. Backup current weapons and vehicles.
3. Make some changes.
4. Start the game and see your new mod in action.

Important: Game must not be running in background when mods are made. Game must be started after.

Hint: Good place to start is giving the Colt45 a negative damage; all the police use these so every time you get shot by a police officer you get more health.
Please note: This is a new app and has been tested on a number of devices but this doesn't guarantee there won’t be any issues. Please contact us directly via email with any issues or suggestions.
This application contains not code from the actual game, modifications are made to already existing files.